It’s all about cars and motoring, from the dedicated petrolhead to the man or woman in the street.   Whether you are fanatical about cars, like we are, or you simply see your car as a mode of transport, this website aims to serve and inform.  Our mission is to assist every person in their choice of vehicle, to ensure that YOU make an informed decision when it comes to putting down your hard earned money to buy your new wheels.  Whether you are looking for that once in a lifetime dream machine, or simply the most basic and reliable transport.  We strive to tell it like it is, present you with the facts and figures whether they are technical, financial or performance figures.

We present to you all the latest cars on the market, from the launch drives through to extended tests.  Read our opinions on what it's like to live with the car that you are thinking of buying.  Does it have all the comfort and safety features that you desire.

We always look at fuel economy.  NO ..... not the dream figures that manufacturers claim, but real world results that you can also achieve.

Finally, we include video clips of every test car showing you the car, as well as all the features that face you while you're in the driver's seat.